Greek Festival

Our First, Second, and Third Graders took a trip to The Greek Festival. This year they will be learning about, Early World Civilizations, The Ancient Greek Civilization,and The Ancient Roman Civilization. IMG_0300IMG_139520160909_112153

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Building Relationships

In afterschool we’ve been learning how to meet new people and how to interact with others. Building friendships and relationships. We have created a wall of different things and you can sign those that apply to you. Stop by and sign it if you are on campus. This activity gives a little sense of who we are, so we can build common relationships. Thank you from afterschool. 20160916_163135

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Mission Statement

Aristotle Preparatory Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy’s mission is to prepare students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds for success in college and to become productive citizens by combining a rigorous STEM-focused curriculum with focused character development.