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5 Reasons to Attend Aristotle Prep!

  1. The Core Knowledge Sequence:  The idea behind theCore Knowledge Sequence is simple and powerful: knowledge builds on knowledge. For the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, Core Knowledge provides a core curriculum that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade.  To see what content is taught at each grade level, please visit the following link:
  2. Our STEM Curriculum Focus:  Building on the topics learned in Core Knowledge, students will not only be able to gain an understanding of topics in these fields, but also the history and development of each of them. This will give students a broader perspective and deeper appreciation for the contributions of and possibilities in these fields of study. Students will be able to work in their area of interest while applying their critical thinking and logic skills. Acquiring these skills will put students of APA-CFA at an advantage as they will be well prepared to enter college or the workforce in one of these fields, if desired.
  3. Focused Character Development:  The character development of each student at APA-CFA is a daily priority. Students will have opportunities both in and out of the classroom to demonstrate their positive character. Character education at Aristotle is guided by the 5 character traits given by the acronym PRIDE: Purpose, Respect, Integrity, Daring, and Excellence. These character virtues are focused on school-wide and are a part of our daily vocabulary.
  4. Data Driven Instruction:  Aristotle students are assessed frequently, both formally and informally.  Teachers use the data and information gained from these assessments to address each student’s academic needs.  Each day students are taught in small groups created based on their individual learning needs.  Each day students also participate in Compass Learning, a computer based program that tailors instruction to each student’s needs.  The success and growth of EACH student is what we focus on at Aristotle.
  5. Caring & Qualified Faculty & Staff:  Each member of Aristotle’s faculty & staff is qualified for their position and dedicated to the student’s of Aristotle.  Faculty and staff work to create a positive, nurturing environment where all students can and will learn.  Each faculty and staff member knows what great responsibility they have and works to make Aristotle the best place it can be.