3RD Grade Fluency Packet

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Grade 3 | Fluency Packet 1


This fluency packet was created to accompany Core Knowledge

Language Arts Grade 3 materials. It consists of poetry, folklore, and

fables. These additional text selections provide opportunities for

students to practice reading with fluency and expression (prosody). The

selections can be used in any order, though they are arranged in this

packet according to word count, starting with the shortest selections. At

the beginning of the week, the teacher should make sufficient copies of

the week’s selection for each student. The teacher should take time to

model reading the selection aloud to all students. Then, students take

the selection home to practice reading aloud throughout the week. The

expectation for all students should be that they are prepared to read the

selection fluently and with prosody by Friday. At the end of the week, the

teacher should select a few students to individually read the selection

aloud. Teachers may also wish to have a few students choral read the

selection. Be sure to provide opportunities for different students to read

aloud each week.

You will want to establish audience guidelines for all students. These

are some ideas but you will want to make guidelines that work for your


• Listen respectfully to your classmates.

• Listen without talking.

• Ask students to give their classmate(s) a round of applause and

sincere compliments on their reading. Model compliments by saying,

“I liked it when you…”