September 25-29th

Good Morning,

This week we will be kicking off our week diving straight into the five senses(hear,touch,sight,taste,smell). We learned about sight last Friday and I was so amazed at how much the kids retained! We will be exploring through our senses this week!

We also are starting the process of blending segmenting words. We will be using our arms to blend this week, ask your child to show you! We also are working on syllables and basic pencil stokes(diagonals, half circles, zigzags)

We are also still working on our first names and last names. Make sure to correct capitols inside the name as well as sizing(too big, too small).

For math we are working on numbers 1-5. We are working on the writing of the number and what that quantity looks like.


Let me know if I can help in anyway! Have a great week!