Supply List 2017-2018

1 -cloth pencil pouch

2- containers of baby wipes

2 – 24ct pks of crayons

5- glues sticks

2- marble composition books (primary- blank space on top for drawing

2- 1 inch 3 ring binder with clear sleeve on front and 2 pockets inside (any color)

1 Two Pocket Heavyweight plastic folder with prongs

3- boxes of Kleenex

1- pair of child safe scissors

1 set of headphones REQUIRED for computer lab(no ear buds)

24- No.2 pencils

4- large pink erasers

2- bottles of hand sanitizer (8oz or larger)

1- Clorox wipes

1- book bag (no wheels)

1- change of clothes (dress code) in large zip-lock bag with name labeled

Picture of family (4X6)

Boys- 1 box of sandwich zip-lock bags

Girls- 2 rolls of paper towels

Wish List- Clorox or Lysol spray

Expo Markers

Writing Paper