Albert Jamison's Biography

About me:

I am a native of Shreveport Louisiana, moving to Charlotte when I was 3 years old (Charlotte is home). I completed my undergraduate degree at Morehouse College, receiving by degree in Sociology with a concentration in Family and Gender. After graduating from Morehouse I immediately started serving my community by joining a mental health agency as a behavioral specialist in a group home. As a part of the mental health community I have been a part of Community Support Teams where I connected people with any necessary resources in the Charlotte area to assist them with building healthy and stable lives. I also was a part of a supportive employment team where I assisted young adults with finding and maintain employment in the Charlotte area. Most of my professional I provided direct care to children and young adults with developmental disabilities, behavioral issues and difficult family/living situations.


Through my experience and desire to serve my community I hope to provide a connection to community resources and assist with filling the needs of the families of APA. In addition I will be available to discuss any family members concerns that may arise during the school year.