Employment Opportunities

Aristotle continually seeks out highly qualified, certified elementary teachers. If you’d like to teach in an innovative and progressive school with a focus on educational and social wellness, follow the steps on this page today!

Our teaching staff must possess a passion for the ARISTOTLE mission and a willingness to work hard to ensure that every student is challenged appropriately and empowered to become the very best version of themselves, academically, physically, and socio-emotionally. ARISTOTLE team members will be passionate, enthusiastic, driven, dependable, hard-working, adaptable, and optimistic people who are excited to do whatever it takes to fulfill ARISTOTLE Preparatory Academy’s mission and vision.

For a teacher to be a good fit at ARISTOTLE, we look for educators that embody the following characteristics:

Love to learn daily with their students.

Use data to drive instruction.

Believe that positive social relationships are directly linked to academic achievement.

Are dedicated to creating opportunities for movement to facilitate learning.

Are committed to teaching conflict resolution skills.

Believe that EVERY child is UNIQUE and deserves a quality personalized education.


Please email office@aristotlepa.org if you have any questions.

Once a candidate advances successfully through these steps, he/she will undergo a criminal background check and a review of citizenship or eligible status. Pending the results of the background and reference checks, the Head of School will seek Board approval for hiring.