Does Aristotle Prep offer transportation?

Yes. We offer transportation using neighborhood pick-up and drop off locations.

Does Aristotle Prep serve breakfast & lunch?

Yes. We serve free catered breakfast and lunches. We will also participate in the Federal Child Nutrition Program to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students.

Are teachers at Aristotle Prep highly qualified?

Yes. Classroom teachers at APA are highly qualified to teach in their area.

Challenge Foundation Properties:

Who is Challenge Foundation Properties (CFP)?

The Challenge Foundation Properties is a private family charitable trust founded in 1988. The Foundation’s supports various charters schools through more than $20M in annual grants. CFP’s legacy schools network receives funding based on the need of the individual school and the merit of their grant submitted to the governing board of CFP. The goal of CFP is to provide every student with a first-class education regardless of zip code.


Aristotle remains in the network of legacy schools that receives annual grant funding from CFP. These funds are generally used to hire additional staff members and reduce classroom sizes.

In the 2019-2020 school year awarded APA with $50,000.00. The school has been approved to receive the same amount in the 2020-2021 scohol year.