Our Program

The educational focus of Aristotle Preparatory Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy has three aspects: the Core Knowledge Sequence, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course offerings and character education.

The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a coherent, cumulative, and content-rich learning experience for all students. The Core Knowledge Sequence specifically states which topics, stories, works of art, and other content to be taught at each grade level K – 8. This curriculum intentionally integrates all subject areas so that students can develop a deeper understanding of the topics they are learning. This ensures that all students at APA-CFA will have the background knowledge on which to build in future grades.  Find out more about the Core Knowledge Sequence at www.coreknowledge.org.

Allowing each student access to practical and in-depth exploration of STEM concepts, students of APA- CFA will be fluent in the use of skills needed in the 21st century workplace and be exposed to a wide variety of concepts and their real-world applications. Building on the topics learned in Core Knowledge, students not only be able to gain an understanding of topics in these fields, but also the history and development of each of them. This gives students a broader perspective and deeper appreciation for the contributions of and possibilities in these fields of study. Students are able to work in their area of interest while applying their critical thinking and logic skills. Acquiring these skills will put students of APA-CFA at an advantage as they will be well prepared to enter college or the workforce in one of these fields, if desired.

The character development of each student at APA-CFA is a daily priority. APA uses the core virtues program to teach character development.