Our Program

The educational focus of Aristotle Preparatory Academy has three aspects: the Core Knowledge Sequence, Eureka Math and Core Virtues.

The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a coherent, cumulative, and content-rich learning experience for all students. The Core Knowledge Sequence specifically states which topics, stories, works of art, and other content to be taught at each grade level K – 8. This curriculum intentionally integrates all subject areas so that students can develop a deeper understanding of the topics they are learning. This ensures that all students at APA-CFA will have the background knowledge on which to build in future grades.  Find out more about the Core Knowledge Sequence at www.coreknowledge.org.
Eureka Math is our chosen math curriculum. Research proves this program dramatically reduces gaps in student learning, instill persistence in problem solving, and prepare students to understand advanced math. Aristotle began using this curriculum in 2018. In our first year, we enjoyed a 23 point increase in student performane in math. Our children continue to grow, the achievement gap is narrowing and parents love this program. Please click here for the link to EngageNY, the creators of the curriculum.
Aristotle believes character development is essential for producing compassionate 21st century citizens. We use Core Virtues, a literacy based program that compliments Core Knowledge and enhances the content students learn in the classroom. Each month, students focus on a new virtue and work to actively engage in bahvior that exemplifies the virtue of the month. To learn more about the Core Virtues program, please click here.