How to Enroll

Returning Students:

Students who are enrolled at Aristotle Preparatory Academy do not have to re-enroll each year. Once you are accepted into APA, your seat is secure year after year. As a courtesy and for planning purposes, the school does ask parents each year if they plan to return for the upcoming school year. It is helpful if we have this informaiton as we can offer available seats to those still searching.

New Students:

New students are to complete a lottery application that is available on this site during open enrollment season each year. This is usually in January ad February each calendar year. Once the period has ended, the school host a lottery on the pre-determined date and offers seats accordingly. The lottery is usually scheduled for early April. Students are chosen at random.  Once all seats are filled, students are placed on a wait list.

If a stuent is offered a seat, the parents are asked to complet the full enrollment packet within the specified amount of time to secure the seat. If the paretns does not respond in the time alllotted, the seat may be offered to the next student in line on the wait list.